How I ended Up at YWAM

After I graduated High-school in June of 2017  a series of events led me to choose to do a DTS (discipleship training school) with YWAM (youth with a mission) in Kona Hawaii (not so bad!). And that’s when everything changed for me.

I spent 3 life-changing months in Kona, Hawaii during the lecture portion of this School, and another 3 wild (also life-changing) months in Kathmandu, Nepal for my outreach overseas mission trip. I fell in love with Jesus more than I ever had been, and found myself hungry to know him more and more.

Back in 2016, I went on my first overseas mission trip to Thailand, and when I came back I had fallen in love with not only the Thai culture but simply the idea of “culture’s” itself. I had a taste of the world outside my small perspective and I wanted more.

God began to burn my heart for the nations and unveil the dreams in my heart to impact my generation. He has spoken words over my heart and opened my eyes to the need for the Gospel. Not just in Thailand, Nepal, Dubai, the places I had been, but everywhere, the USA, my hometown.

For me, it was one day at a time, one yes at a time. I finished Highschool after coming back from Thailand and my plans didn’t go anything as thought. I didn’t go right into college to pursue a career and degree, I didn’t do the “normal” or “expected” thing.  I spent a few weeks at Bethel in Redding CA for a music program, and a few months later I had signed up for my DTS in Kona. It was different than what most people did, but  I knew it was what I was supposed to do.

My DTS started my YWAM journey and I’m fortunate to be able to take it on for a year longer as I am a part of Foundations for Revival and Reformation. So here I am now, taking this journey one day at a time, giving The Lord one yes at a time and seeing where I end up…ha



There is a big beautiful world with so many cultures so very different than what I know. every place, person, people group I have been fortunate to be around has taught me something I couldn’t find anywhere else.


About Revival and Reformation

Currently, I am based in Kona Hawaii attending a YWAM secondary School Called Foundations for Revival and Reformation. This program runs through the 2018/2019 school year consisting of three sections. The first three months of a Bible introductory course, the middle three months are Humanities and Science: a Christian perspective, and the last three introductions to communications.

“Foundations For Revival and Reformation is a second-level program that brings together students, scholars, leaders, and practitioners. It exists to combine thought, encounter, and action, to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth. We believe that training through biblical teaching, a Christ-centric worldview, and God-inspired modes of communication through action will lead people to walk into significant impact for the Kingdom.

The Foundations For Revival and Reformation program teaches current and future leaders the foundations and the skills necessary to be effective in your calling to any sphere of society and any nation. We desire to foster and pioneer bold new ideas and create space for you to deepen your relationship with God.”

Check out their website HERE



When Drunks Meet Jesus

It was exceedingly warm in Kona that night. A thick heat sat heavily in the air; filling my lungs with each breath. There was no breeze, no AC, just a hot sweaty group of fine looking YWAMers standing on a balcony overlooking the streets.

I found myself in pure excitement over the grand plans my roommates and I had for this evening. We had made reservations at a classy ocean view bistro for a birthday celebration.

The night was all planned out and it was going to be perfect..

Little did I know that one of my dear roommates (Tierney), and myself, would change someone’s world that night.

That night and for the rest of her life.

Someone was about to meet Jesus.

Tierney and I had walked to the bathroom; it was outside the restaurant further down the balcony. It was deathly hot in there so we hurried ourselves to get back and wash up quickly. But, in the midst of washing up, we came into the company of a young woman. Blond hair, black dress, probably a tourist and definitely wasted.

Totally Drunk.

She stumbled through her words, wasn’t making sense and barely made it out the bathroom doorway without falling over. She complimented our dresses and critically spoke about her own appearance saying she wasn’t, “sexy” or that her dress was “too long.” She complimented our confidence and beauty we carried while constantly putting herself down.

She was a broken hearted, insecure, lonely girl.

(Much like most of us have been at times I’m sure)

We spoke life over her and told her she was beautiful. We told her that to be beautiful is not an appearance but something much much deeper. We told her our confidence didn’t come from the way we looked but that we knew that we were loved. Fully known and deeply loved by a God who created the universe, and us in His image.

At this point, and the beginning stages of our conversation, Tierney and I didnt have to communicate to another. It was clear to us that God had placed us here; in this place, at this moment, to meet this woman, to share this Gospel: we are more broken than we could ever be yet more loved than we could ever imagine.

SO that’s what we did, we asked her name, we spoke life over her, we told her not about a religion that restricts us in life but a relationship that frees us. We told her about a man named Jesus who desires nothing more than to be a part of her story and walk through life with her. . A man who DIED for her to know who she is. And for her to know who HE is.

She had heard about Christianity before, but in a pokey religous way where she felt condemed and shamed, never in the simple gospel way that says “you are worth dying for.”

We asked if we could pray for her, she agreed so we layed hands on her and took turns praying.

Simple but life altering truths.

At the end of the prayer we asked her, “do you want this? do you want this relationship? And to walk with Jesus everyday for the rest of your life? Because you can, starting right now.

It wasn’t just a pass by conversation for us, we were eager to invite her into a lifestyle of this understanding, not just one night at the bar.

Tears filled her eyes, as she cracked her fingers nervously and dropped her shoulders.

“I want it.”

And she truly did, she cried out to God, pouring her very being into her prayer asking God to come into her heart and life, asking forgiveness for the choices she has made, and just like that she surrended her life to Christ.

I could end the story here and it would be a fantasic amazing story that im certain to tell for the rest of my life. But, there is an extra nugget that shows what it looks like ot invite Jesus in.

This woman who was wasted and could barely walk, after praying for her, and her surrendering her self to Jesus, was complelty and 100% sober.

How is that possible? To be so intoxicated to 20 minutes later having no outward clues that you had a drink all night?

Thats Jesus for you.

So, within 20 MINUTES of a conversation with this woman not only did she GIVE HER LIFE TO JESUS, but we prayed for her, she poured her heart to God and she was COMPLETELY SOBER by the end of our conversation.


She left standing up straight and thanking us for opening her heart up to something and melted in emotions while we prayed for her.

She left that conversation a different person.

When we had first met her and mentioned the name of “Jesus” She said she wasn’t religious.

I looked at her dead and the eyes and laughed, “neither am I.”

She looked at me confused, and thats when I told her that I was relational. That this was a relationship I had with Jesus, not a religion. It was a deep deep frinedship I walked into daily with the King of Kings, the creator of the universe, and the one who brings change and freedom to our lives.

She listened openly and was sold when we told her all she had to do was invite him into her life, no strings attached, just want to be a part of it, and desire something MORE.

I took a bold move of faith and said: “if you cry out to him HE WILL answer and reveal Himself to you, I swear on everything on my life. You will feel something.”

And so she did. She cried out.

Sure enough Jesus walked in the room and everything changed.

She felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, something I imagine and hope she will never forget.

NOTE: It seems that the calling Jesus has on our life is to be constant ambassadors for His kingdom, there is no “off” time when it comes living for Him, we are evengalist 24/7. And we must always be open and ready for any situation God brings us into.


Snapped In Two

I have an incredible testimony to share. I saw God work in such a radical way that two days later I’m still not even sure it’s real.

But it is. And it’s crazy and indescribable.

CLICK HERE to watch my video testimony!

Two days ago the headstock of my guitar snapped off. As you can imagine that was devastating, and considering I am on a worship team, part of the music track here, and using my guitar veryyy often, it threw a wrench into my routine. Not to mention I’ve had it since I was 11, traveled with it all over the United States, written countless songs, played on countless occasions and planned to take it to the nations to help share the love of Jesus through music. I didn’t know what to do, and to be perfectly honest it felt like a “c’mon God” moment. Why did He allow this to happen? It felt like it brought so many difficulties into my life. I was at no place to buy a new guitar with still needing to raise finances to help pay for when I do go to the nations for outreach. And I needed one. I needed one for the worship team, for the outreach, and I was standing above my guitar snapped in two knowing I could do nothing about it.

I want to pause for a second and say that when we run into a problem in life that we actually have no physical way of fixing, that’s when our faith truly gets tested. Because the only way to get out of that situation is for it to get fixed, and for that to happen someone has to do something, and if I’m out of the picture I thought to myself “who can?”


Good Question.


Within less than 24 hours I had 5 guitars lined up ready to be sent to me at absolutely no cost.

Just pause for a moment and think about that. That in itself is crazy. A guitar is an expensive instrument, hard to get to Hawaii, and for FIVE to become available to be MINE? I don’t understand it. This isn’t normal.

But I’m pretty sure that is what it looks like when we allow God to come into a situation, flip it on its back, and say “hey I got this, no probs.” We don’t understand it because it isn’t normal.

So that’s what happened. Because when the enemy tried to attack what God was doing in my life, and in the life of others through my ministry, that’s when God stepped in and said “heck no.” That’s when my mom began to try and scrape together every bit she could with the help of family members to try and send me a new one. That’s when my roommate came to me and said she wanted me to have hers. That’s when a friend from Alaska was ready to ship his own to Hawaii for me the next day. Or another friend had already started looking to purchase one in the area for me.

The last person was my sweet roommate, Georgia from England, who came to me at breakfast, grabbed my hands and told me that on Monday a custom guitar from England was being sent here to this school with my name on it. I fought back the tears as I listened to her tell me about this guy who makes these guitars and targets to sell them to worship leaders to go to the nations to share the love of Jesus through music. These nice, high-quality, guitars are made with so much love and purpose. And I would have the privilege of calling one my own.

I was blown away and had very few words to express the shock, disbelief, and excitement I was feeling. I wanted to share this, but to be perfectly honest these words cant put into how big this was for me. This man doesn’t know much of my story other than what Georgia told him, but he said he believed in me, believed in my calling, believed in what God was doing and supported me by paying to send me one of his guitars at no cost.

This was all in one day for me, a continuous overwhelming sense of how active God is in our lives, how he knows what is going on, and won’t let a thing get in the way of his plan and ideas for us. Before I had any of these people step up, I had a conversation with a new friend of mine. I was telling him about my situation and he offered to let me play his until I found a replacement (I was extremely grateful), but as we talked, he urged me to pray about it first. He had said “before you go and try and buy something (which I thought was my only option)” he said, “just pray and see what God can do.”

I listened, but for real, what was He going to do? Bring a random guitar to my doorstep? Yes. Yes, he was.

So as my friend encouraged, I sat before The Father, I said: “you know my heart, you know my desires and my dreams, but this is your ministry, this is your name, and I want me where you want me, doing what you want me to do with no distractions,whatever that looks like, guitar or no guitar, its in your hands I can do nothing, help me.”


And within 24 hours my problem becomes one of the greatest testimonies in my life about how in the brokenness (literally) I had God redeem what was lost. I saw Him not only fix the situation but give me something better than what I originally had, allowing nothing to get in the way of His calling on my life.

What a beautifully simple example of what the gospel is? In our brokenness, God steps in and gives us something better than  beyond measure than what we thought was “good.” Jesus walks into the room and everything changes. Sometimes it’s hard and painful to let go of the past, its memories, and all the comfort in it, but its nothing compared to what He has come.

I know that.


The point of this story is, I didn’t know how to fix this.

But I didn’t have to because there wasn’t a second that God didn’t.

And its always like Him to do things in such an abnormal way that we cant look at it an say that it wasn’t God. When was the last time you had 5 guitars thrown at you across the ocean in a matter of hours? The credit is all Gods, the glory is all His. Because the answer to that question is never.

He has more knowledge interest and ideas than anything you could ever have yourself. Just try and remember that eh?


Awkwardness is Overrated

I have a secret. Although I suppose when I publish this post it won’t be much of a secret anymore. What was that our parents told us growing up? “Once something is on the internet there is no taking it back!” Meaning when something is out there, its out there for the world to see.

Nevertheless, this is something I don’t think I have told before, not because I was ashamed or didn’t think others would believe me. Its just one of those thoughts that drift over my daily interactions and make me chuckle inside at my own inside joke: I don’t believe in awkwardness.

I believe this started at a time in my life when I met a guy. Super cool guy. And probably the most confident dude I have ever met. I wanted to know his secret. I wanted to know how he walked into a room and laughed as everyone’s heads turned to him when the door he walked in cried through it’s hinges like a newborn in the night; shattering the comfort of silence. Most people would feel flushed, embarrassed, and sit down fast to hide their face. Instead, he threw his hands in the air and stated, “well that was awkward.”

Which is ironic, because for him it wasn’t. It wasn’t awkward at all. Awkwardness would result in him hiding his face in shame. He didn’t hide at all, he just publicly slapped awkwardness in the face and whispered “screw you” with his light chuckle.

Well dang.

I asked myself where did such a bold person come from, cause it wasn’t my culture. My culture that told me as a young girl when you trip in public, say something wrong or make any kind of mistake at all you should feel ashamed and everyone should judge you and gaze into your soul until you stop breathing and pass out from… well…awkwardness.

So why wasn’t it awkward for him? This guy I know. Let’s call him Jim. Why wasn’t Jim awkward?

Because he had a secret. He didn’t believe in awkwardness. Thats what he told me.

I realized in that moment to be awkward is actually a personal choice. And a choice that says, “I will no longer conform to our shaming culture which expects an impossible image of perfection at all times. ” A choice I now plan to live by.

Don’t get me wrong I have experienced awkwardness before; plenty of times when I was younger. But as i’ve gotten older i’ve started to see it as a result of culture telling people what is and isn’t okay.

Awkwardness is simply being shamed for something human that instead should be accepted.

It is something less to try and avoid, but more to embrace our silly little habits and screw-ups, because to accept those is to accept ourselves, and to accept ourselves is to accept others.

Let’s create a culture where people can be accepted for everything they do.

Stop being awkward yeah?